FutureLand is a land acquisition and management company for cannabis and hemp growing operations. We specialize in uniquely zoned properties, financing, target acquisition, licensing, site plan preparation, and development of grow facilities throughout the United States.

Southern Colorado

FutureLand purchased 240 acres in southern Colorado where two companies have signed leases. The site plans have been completed on both grow facility lease-holders’ projects and they include warehouses, hoop houses, generators, propane tanks and a couple 30,000 gallon water tanks as a skeleton. Both plans are currently contingent upon getting a water plan approved by the state and county. This is a land lease project.

Southern Oregon


FutureLand purchased 50% ownership of 78 acres in southern Oregon in Josephine County from HSPendleton, LLC. Additionally, FutureLand’s also has 50% ownership 265 acres nearby with a recreational license currently owned by HSPendleton and Groovy Groves. We are partnered with HSPendleton, LLC and Groovy Groves, LLC to grow cannabis under a recreational cultivation license on the 78 acres. Currently, we are clearing the land, clearing ingress and egress, and facilitating development in order to make application for a recreational license to commercially grow cannabis on the site. This is ownership in a grow license.

Developing Projects

Grow Facilities

We will develop a national brand that will become the preeminent name is grow houses. It will purchase equity in poorly managed grow houses already in production or construct new ones.


We look to get into the edibles and extract market as well. Much of the future of cannabis will lie herewith some estimates seeing as much as 70% of the product flowing in this direction. FL intends to enter this very important vertical as soon as possible.


We will seek entertainment products including restaurants married with cannabis sales as well as other entertainment venues to create a destination based property.

Dispensaries & Distribution Centers

We will brand all our dispensaries and distribution centers to build a national brand and consistent product recognition. These distribution centers will sell both medical and recreational cannabis both wholesale and retail.

Medical Usage & Development

We intend to seek out exciting medical deals within the growing Cannabis industry.